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Tough Skin Issues…

Do you have crow’s feet or pesky dark spots that just won’t go away? If that sounds familiar you already know you need an expert, targeted solution when it comes to your tough wrinkles & spots.

…call for an Expert Solution

So, who do you go to if you’ve got a nagging skin problem? A Dermatologist or a Skin Expert.

Olay did exactly that. We sought leading Dermatologists from all over the world. They call them the Global Derm Alliance*

…that targets the Root Causes.

Olay Scientists and the Global Derm Alliance studied Genomics Research^ to truly understand the root cause of wrinkles and spots. The Genomics Research that helped create ProX started in 1997. You read that right: over 2 decades ago!

The Scientists were able to identify the key molecular pathways surrounding some of the fundamental causes of wrinkles and spots. For wrinkles, they identified Compromised skin surface resilience and Sub-optimal skin surface renewal rate. For Spots, they identified Accumulation of dull surface cells and Uneven melanin distribution.

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Our Star Products


A fan favorite from the Dermatological Anti-Aging line! Why 3D? Because it reduces the look of stubborn wrinkles, helps your skin look sculpted AND makes it feel firm.

It doesn’t just leave skin feeling supple after first use, but also - 91% consumers agree that the product is lightweight on skin, quick absorbing and does not leave skin feeling greasy1.

It contains PalPeptide-Gly-N Complex with Artichoke extract which helps to improve surface skin cell turnover and repairs the skin moisture barrier. It also contains Carob extract which helps reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles.


From the Dermatological Brightening line, this super serum renews skin's surface to reveal brighter, more even skin, and significantly reduces the look of spots in 2 weeks.

Don’t take our word for it, but rather that of the consumers who tried the product! After 2 weeks of use2, 91% consumers agreed that product evens skin appearance, 86% agreed that it reduces skin dullness and 83% agreed that it improves skin brightness.

It is powered by the SACCHARINA-GLY-N COMPLEX which contains Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine and Niacinamide to reduce dark spots and hydrate skin for even skin tone. It also contains Laminaria Saccharina extract, a type of algae that is sourced from the Northwestern Coast of France, known to effectively reduce discoloration.

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